Hopful Harvest Brown Ale

A brown ale brewed with 160lbs. of pumpkin and heavily hopped with Hallertau and Horizon hops. Smooth in taste and light in body, having notes of chocolate, toffee, and subtle hints of coffee.

16 oz $8

Red Barrel Brown

This version of an English porter has a moderate roastiness with subtle characteristics of chocolate, slight caramel, nutty and toffee. Secondary notes include coffee and licorice which serve to support the prominent malt backbone.

16 oz $6

RRBC Christmas Ale

A traditional dark ale with a medium body and ruby red highlights. This ale is brewed with a touch of honey and brown sugar in the boil then lightly spiced with a combination of spices from St Nick himself!

16 oz $10

River Razz

Deep-red and jammed with 350 pounds of fresh Oregon raspberries, this multiple medal-winning fruit beer is just the thing for lunch, dinner, dessert, or any other occasion we can think of!

16 oz $9

Red River Red

A light session beer brewed in the traditional of a true Irish red ale!

16 oz $7

Waterways Wheat

The signature brew of RRBC. Brilliant gold in color, this wheat beer is light yet full of flavor with just a hint of floral and citrus hops on the palette and in the aroma. A Red River Brewing tradition.

16 oz $9

BC Pale Ale

Shades of copper in color with a spicy-citrus hop aroma highlight this American pale ale. This moderately bitter ale that goes down great with spicy dishes and meats of all kinds.

16 oz $6

Purple Stripper ‘Cascade’ IPA

A continuation of our series of India Pale Ales that explore a single hop variety and showcases the aromas, flavors and bittering qualities that are unique to each strain. This brew uses one of the most used varieties in craft brewing, Cascade. This hop is pleasant, flowery with a mild hint of spice, citrus and a touch of grapefruit.

16 oz $10

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